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One of the things I had to ask myself about 1.5 years ago was ... do I know much of anything about the neighbors living just 1.5 blocks away from me? The answer was no. And what are the implications of this as I spread out from there. Same. I realized that unless something is reported on we pretty much don't know much about anything house to house going on with folks.

I have since asked friends the same question ... same answer.

These large amounts of adverse events literally go unseen when what we call "the media" ignore or suppress them. It really does drive it home. VAERS under reporting factors of 41-100 start to make even more sense. The more we learn the worse this gets because the knowledge was actively suppressed.

100's of doctors, scientists, researchers, attorneys, etc.. have been out there trying to raise the alarm for years, pretty much every prediction they made has come true, even things they didn't foresee. Actively censored, demeaned, cancelled and etc. Every once and a while, we get a bit that gets out there, thankful for that. Yet so many things did not need to happen and there are a fairly large number of folks that are most definitely culpable of significant crimes.

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We continue to find serious issues in Pfizer's own documents in the immediate aftermath of the release of the vaccine. None of this data was ever discussed at the VBPAC meetings when the vaccines were evaluated, just the conclusion that no serious safety signals existed! These are seasoned professional 'experts' in their field, and one would expect them to actually review the data rather than trusting Pfizer at their word. In fact, they only had to read the APPENDIX 1 of the Post Marketing Experience document 5.3.6, to see the huge number of Severe Adverse events that had occurred within the first 90 days of the vaccine

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Prior to reading this substack, I had gone on my FB feed. There I read the post of a friend/acquaintance (local librarian) who is probably around 60 years old (+ or - a few years) and she stated that today is the one month anniversary of her husband’s death. She said that he died within 8 weeks of being diagnosed with bile duct cancer and said that the cancer along with bouts of COVID, sepsis and pneumonia took its toll.

Before even reading this substack my immediate thought was I wonder if he had the vaccine and also got boosted. My basis for that reaction was because my mom suffered a similar fate,but instead of cancer it was sudden onset of an autoimmune disease (myasthenia gravis/MG crisis) that was triggered by the vaccine. She went undiagnosed until I told them to get a neurologist in to see her. I had done my research in VAERS, etc. I was right but it was too late because they had treated her as a pneumonia/stroke patient, etc. and essentially starved and dehydrated her.

I have also had occasion to look into the liver issue because a childhood friend’s disabled brother was suddenly diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver without any real explanation. Where he is disabled he is not a drinker and had no prior history of liver issues. But because he lives in a home he was required to be vaccinated.

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To dilute the Liver Damage signal, Pfizer splits the tens of thousands of cases known to 15 April 2022, as revealed in FOI-3727, into 120 different "Hepatobiliary disorders".

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Pfizer wanted to lie with fake justification for it.

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Well the new question is why are they allowing us to see this data? It shows me that they have zero concern about us stopping their plans.


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Sorry, OT: Do people believe the recent 72% ivermectin effectiveness result?


The company MedinCell seems a bit sketchy but has published other results in reputable journals. These are some weird videos though. Maybe they need money?


The CEO was an early ivermectin fan on Twitter.

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