I am a physician .My wife developed myocarditis , with heart failure 5 weeks after injection of second Pfizer vaccine. We were reassured this was only Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, that it would pass and was related to some serious emotional or physical shock , despite the fact that no such shock occurred. One day after discharge after first hospitalization , her MRI showed myocardial edema consistent with myocarditis. Again ignored as being nothing. One week after discharge my wife suffered a cardiac arrest , and I resuscitated her in a hotel room . Again no one raised the issue of myocarditis , despite another episode of heart failure. We went from one high brow institution in NY to another , never given a straight answer. Recurrent episodes of heart failure , that go so bad I treated her at home with IV medications, to avoid hospitalization after 6 trips to the ER and admitted. Then later same year had a stroke, with partial loss of vision. Signs of autonomic neuropathy later the following year. STent placed in vertebral artery which thrombosed. No one raising the possiblity of vaccine side effect or offering solutions. The only ones that were helpful were the FLCCC who offered a protocol of treatment. When you have a government actively trying to avoid the truth, destroy the society for some god foresaken globalists. one must no longer trust that government . God help us all

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In Australia, clearly leading the charge ‘against’ spread and serious illness (not!), the Health Sector is still mandating full ‘vaccination’ for staff and prospective staff.

Considering the vast and deeply disturbing evidence of death and serious adverse events, how on God’s green earth did we get to a place where employers are not only free and willing to place staff in a position of serious risk, but are permitted to MANDATE that risk? What ‘vaccine’ outcomes justify imposing potentially life threatening mandates?

I read their impressive Mission Statements and their Strategic Plans and I reflect on their professed values and I marvel at their care and concern for everyone in the community to enjoy health and wellbeing...then I think of the death and sickness and trauma and loss and grief and bereavement and I’m left feeling sick to my stomach...

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Could the male--female disparity be related to the fact that the Spike Protein settles in large numbers in the ovaries of woman per the Japanese Pharmacokinetics Overview? (SARS-

COV-2 mRNA Vaccine (BNT162, PF-07302048) available at docdroid.net/xqOZ8B0/pfizer-report-japanese-government-pdf

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WARNING: I'll provide the overview, readers must fill in the blanks, deploy their respective networks and make it count. Time is of the essence.

We have observed, processed and given thought to the massive amounts of sabotaged food supply chain over one year: arson of production facilities one hundred and counting, thousands of beef cattle, poultry, eggs, milk needlessly wasted with brutal coercion visited upon producers, and we have asked, "what do these events constitute - what is the mission / its meaning?"

The last piece of the puzzle, the answer to the conundrum is now clear, and it is a threat to our total population. During the period calendar years 2021 through 2022, we see -

our national labor force has been reduced by death, disability, injury to the tune of 300,000; 1,260,000; and 26,600,000; respectively, which in the aggregate has reduced U.S. labor force by one third (1/3).

see 2-links below:

For Ed Dowd's findings & conclusion Summary: Runtime 2min 20sec total

https://www.bitchute.com/video/KJRDJgKsV5ti/ START @ 5min 8sec to Dowd's FINISH @ 7min 30sec.

For Ed Dowd's methodology with more detailed data charts: see this video:

https://www.bitchute.com/video/CM6TM9EorcHg/ Runtime: 56 min.

Does it not stand to reason our military has suffered an equal reduction in able bodied service men and women? Certainly military injections of C19vax is equal to or greater than civilian as to dose per person.

But here is the "kicker" - the last piece of the puzzle: Spike protein and known dangerous synthetic and nano materials are replacing manufactured food shortages, placed into our morphed food supply chain production - I do not have to tell you there is ample evidence these inclusions in plant and animal based food which are intended for every breakfast lunch and dinner table in America, are poisonous and CLEARLY is the result of a concerted effort to reduce our nation's population by death, disability, injury sterilization, miscarriages, and other maladies.

Are we going to just sit back and literally spoon feed ourselves with this junk, or are we going to do something about it?


And here is how we do that. All of us reading this now, know someone who knows someone who is a practicing attorney with license to practice in Federal District Court. Make that person painfully aware , by way of your network, that he can stop this entire fraud with just one temporary restraining order by any Federal District Court Judge, and until he does just that, he along with the rest of us, can watch his family, his children, his parents be slowly but surely injured, disabled and even killed every time he puts food on their table, every day of every week of every month. Let him know the BOOSTER SHOTS are now being seeded into plant based food products this coming growing season. Let him know spike proteins are likely already in his meat products he serves his family this evening, or will most likely be by the end of this month.

And as to the researchers, scientists, medical doctors reading this, Each of you has the network and skill sets to do the necessary and sufficient research to hand deliver to your attorney of choice. DO IT! Please. thank you for your time. jeff sweet michigan.

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